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The Psychology Behind Blacksburg Paint Colors

It’s no secret that different colors evoke different emotions. In many cases, the feelings you experience from certain colors are personal. You might feel happy when you walk into a forest green room because it’s your favorite color, or you might feel at peace in a sky blue room if that was the color of your childhood bedroom. Although your personal experiences can affect the way you interpret different colors, there are also some emotions that most people consistently associate with specific shades.

Understanding the psychology behind paint colors can help you make more confident decisions when repainting your Blacksburg VA home. If you know which colors are most likely to evoke which feelings or moods, you can narrow down your color choices based on the atmosphere you’d like to create in each room. Maybe you’d prefer for your kitchen to feel more energetic and vibrant, but you want the living room to feel more peaceful. Your Blacksburg VA interior painters can easily accomplish these goals by strategically choosing the right colors.

Here are some interesting psychological facts behind paint colors:


Red is one of the boldest color options when it comes to interior painting. Most shades of red feel very energetic, so it’s a surefire way to make a room feel livelier. The color red can even raise your blood pressure and heart rate because it’s so visually striking. It can make you feel more focused as well.

For some people, red evokes feelings of anger or aggression. The energy associated with the color may feel overwhelming for people prone to intense moods. If you have young children who get over-excited easily, red might be a risky color to have in your home. However, it can be a great choice for your kitchen or living room if you host a lot of social gatherings and would like to elevate the space’s energy.


In many ways, blue is the opposite of red. While red is bold and energizing, blue is peaceful and relaxing. Being in a blue room might lower your heart rate and reduce feelings of anxiety. Blue can be a great choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, but it can also work in any communal space in your home if you’d like to create a tranquil atmosphere.


Most pink shades have a very calming and soothing feeling. The color is bright and happy, but it doesn’t have the same intensity as bolder shades like red or orange. Pink is a popular color for young children’s rooms because it encourages calm and kind behavior. Kids tend to outgrow pink fairly quickly, though, so you may find yourself needing to repaint the room sooner rather than later.


Many people find that yellow is the happiest, most cheerful color. Yellow is bright and energizing, but it’s a gentler color than red. For some, yellow can help with concentration and memory, too. It’s a good choice for your kitchen, living room, or other communal spaces as it feels very warm and welcoming. Be careful with using yellow to paint your bedroom, though, as the bright color may make it difficult to sleep.


Orange is an exciting and warm color, and it can help to cheer up a room that feels dark or gloomy. Like other warm colors, it works best in socially active spaces. Try not to overuse orange in your home, though. Too much of the color can be overwhelming, so it may be best to use it for an accent wall or in a smaller room.


Green is a soothing, calming color. It can function well in virtually every room of the house, but it’s particularly popular in children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or offices. The color has stress-relieving qualities, and research shows that it may boost focus when studying. If you’re trying to create a serene atmosphere around your home, you can use green liberally.


Purple has historically been a royal color, and deep purples are still associated with confidence and sophistication. Darker purple can be especially appealing in a bedroom, and lighter purples can look great in your living room or dining room. Light shades of purple bring out feelings of creativity and compassion, so it’s a great color to use if you have young kids or if you want to create an artistic atmosphere.

The colors you choose for your painting project can have a dramatic impact on the mood of each room. Often times, changing the paint color can completely transform the space even if you don’t alter anything else. If you’re unsure of which colors you want your painting contractor to use, think about how you’d like to feel in each room. Then, use your knowledge of color psychology to select the shade that’s most likely to reflect that mood. You can always consult with your interior painters on the topic, too. They’ve completed countless paint jobs, so they have plenty of firsthand accounts of how specific color choices can affect a space. Parmer & Sons Painting provides residential painting services for homeowners in Blacksburg VA. Our team is experienced, reliable, and happy to complete any painting job you may need. To learn more about our services or to schedule a project with a professional painting contractor, call us today.

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