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Storefront Painting

How the front of your store looks is of vital importance. Consider a book. People are not going to know what is inside of it without being initially attracted by its cover or having someone they trust recommend it to them. It is the same situation with stores. Prospective customers are not going to know all of the value that you will bring to them after they enter unless that storefront has invited them in or your place has been recommended to them by a trusted person.

Of course, the quality of what you offer in and of itself will play a significant role in the referrals that you receive. But you want to also attract those passing by your business on the street or in their cars, and you want to ensure that you do not turn off any who are heading there due to someone's recommendation but then became hesitant after seeing a paint job that was sloppy, that communicated the wrong message or that simply did not fit.

Professional Storefront Painters

All of our painters, who have been fully insured, vetted, trained and tested, know the nuances that go into creating a storefront look that communicates the image that you want it to, whether that involves having colors that snap or that creates a warm, inviting ambiance that fits with the surroundings.

The quality of the work that our Parmer & Sons Painting and Staining employees will do will be top-notch regardless of the style used. Our retail store painters will bring a thorough understanding of paint's characteristics and properties, and we know how to use the latest equipment and techniques to create a solid end result. Our knowledge of various finishes and substrates allows us to create the best combination of those for you. In addition, we are detailed-oriented, ensuring that every detail is looked after and carefully considered.

We can also adapt to a number of environments while continuing to provide solid work. We know that quite a variety of types of storefronts exist in the Blacksburg VA area, and we welcome and strive upon accepting the challenges that those varied setups provide.

In addition to places like bookstores and restaurants, we are trained to paint much larger businesses, such as supermarkets and malls. We know what goes into painting office buildings to the style and quality that is desired as well.

Professional Storefront Painters in VA

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Painting Preparation and Cleanup

Our painters know how to prepare and clean up a painting project in a manner that ensures that the paint only goes where it needs to go and that all areas near the painting site are protected. These include nearby bushes and trees, the sidewalk leading up to your place and, of course, any people who will be in the area. Simply put, once we have completed our work and departed, there will be no sign that we were there other than the quality painting job that we have done on your storefront.

Of course, prior to our starting on your project is meeting with you to discuss it. We want to make sure that you will be happy with the finished product. As a result, we will preface that by finding out what you are looking for, what type of look you would like to see, and we will provide our suggestions and finalize a plan that ultimately works for you. We will also provide you with the cost of this project before it starts and then work efficiently and within budget.

One of the things that we will discuss with you in detail is which colors to use. We know how to blend your personal favorites as they relate to how you want your business to look with our knowledge of which types of colors tend to communicate the message that you may want communicated. We understand how much colors impact the oftentimes subconscious decision of someone considering entering the business that is behind those colors.

Working Around Your Schedule

We also understand how important it is to you for this type of retail store painting to be completed at times that minimize any discomfort for your employees, clients, guests and customers. As a result, we will work with you to determine the best times for us to paint.

Our flexible weekday and weekend work schedules ensure that any disruption that occurs is limited. For example, if your place generally opens at noon, we will focus our work on the mornings. If it is open during the week, we will generally or completely work on the weekends.

It is important to select a commercial painting contractor that has this flexibility so that this venture does not end up costing you more in indirect costs than you had anticipated.

Retail Space Painters

If you are a business in the Blacksburg VA area that is looking for professional storefront painting, consider taking advantage of the services that we at Parmer & Sons Painting and Staining provide. We are a fully licensed and insured company that guarantees that you will be satisfied with our work. We are also dedicated to creating safe environments around our retail store painting sites and are proud of our safety record as well as the overall quality of our work. We know that you will be too.

Professional Storefront Painters VA