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Soothing Paint Colors for a Nursery in Blacksburg Virginia

You want your baby’s nursery to be as beautiful as it can be, and Parmer & Sons Painting is here to help. With the right mix of gentle colors and expert workmanship, we can produce a pleasant environment where your child is sure to thrive. With years of experience serving the Blacksburg VA community, we know how much local parents care about their children. That’s why we pride ourselves on being the home painting experts who can help you welcome your baby into the world.

Color is a major concern for anyone who wants quality house painting. Nurseries look their best when they include the right home interior paint colors. While countless color combinations can work, we recommend choosing between three classic options:

Baby blue


Mint green

Not only will these colors create a beautiful living space, but they’ll also have a tangible effect on your child’s upbringing. When you give your little one a soothing environment, you put them in the position to enjoy a comfortable childhood.

Baby Blue

Blue in general, and baby blue in particular, provides a perfect backdrop for a child’s early years. Studies have shown that blue produces genuine calming effects on the body, producing a lower heart rate and increased readiness for sleep. If you want your baby to nap effectively, then blue is the color for you. While any type of blue will be soothing, paler shades are especially tranquil. If you go with a darker option, you risk injecting too much energy into the room.


Purple is another excellent choice for a nursery that’s both relaxing and stimulating. As with blue, the shade you choose will have a significant impact on the overall effect. Darker purples create an energetic vibe, while lighter shades are more relaxing. Lavender represents a middle option, offering both energy and softness. It’s also an especially attractive color, reminding the viewer of rejuvenation and spring.

Mint Green

Green has long been associated with education and learning. Something about the color induces creativity and fires the imagination. Every parent wants their child’s mind to be active, making green a great option for a nursery. Lighter shades are best for invoking tranquility alongside creativity, and mint green is a particularly gorgeous option.

Creating a Pattern With Tape

To add a little style to your child’s nursery, try using painter’s tape to produce additional painted patterns on the walls, floor, and ceiling. While there are all sorts of features to consider, faux runners are an especially popular addition. With just a tape measure and a pencil, you can mark off the area for the runner. From there, all you have to do is lay down the tape and paint within the lines. This might not be a particularly difficult manager, but it’s still nice to have professional assistance. As home painting experts, we can produce exactly the style you’re looking for.

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At Parmer & Sons Painting, we think a child’s nursery should be painted with love and care. We’ve helped countless parents in Blacksburg VA welcome their newborns to the world, and we’re excited to keep up the good work. Quality house painting requires experience and expertise, both of which we have in abundance. Call us today to consult about colors and schedules. We can’t wait to get started.

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