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Get Motivated with a Home Gym Renovation

If you have the space for it, a home gym can greatly enhance the utility and appeal of any domicile. Whether you’re building a new gym or renovating an existing one, the choices you make when it comes to things like paint colors and lighting are of critical importance. Here are a few home painting and decorating tips for your Blacksburg VA gym that will surely pay off.

Select Colors That Complement Your Workout Regimen

A workout space should be designed from the ground up to suit the tastes of the people that will be using it. The right paint tones and sheens can help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Bold, Aggressive Hues

Any professional painting contractor will tell you that color greatly impacts mood in any given room. For instance, warm tones like red and orange are great options if you focus on high-intensity workouts that largely revolve around weight training. Just be warned that using too much red can generate a claustrophobic environment in spaces that are a little on the small side. Try to offset reds and oranges with subtle shades of white or grey to avoid creating a vibe that’s too intimidating.

Soothing Natural Tones

Certain workouts are best performed in spaces that mimic a natural environment such as a forest or a beach. If you’re a big meditation or yoga practitioner, walls adorned with plenty of green and light brown hues are a must. A good home painting expert can recommend shades that will allow gym users to reduce stress and zone out while they exercise.

Calming Cool Shades of Gray and Blue

In many cases, muted colors can actually enhance your workout routine by allowing you to keep your eyes on the prize when the going gets tough. Much like earthy tones, cool blues and grays can cultivate a serene attitude in workout warriors who are just trying to finish their last mile on the treadmill. Try to avoid extremely dark blues and grays that bring down your mood to a great extent. Robin egg blue is a great option in any situation.

Neutral Colors That You Rarely See

When you don’t want to settle on one particular color scheme, neutral colors are the best way to get the best of all worlds. For the uninitiated, a neutral color is any shade that can create different auras based on the lighting being applied. A good beige or taupe can fill the role of an all-purpose neutral color in any home gym.

Add Cosmetic Finishing Touches That Enhance Function

Home painting is just one part of the equation if you want the home gym of your dreams. Tacking on a few extra details is just as important. Here are a few ideas worth pondering.

Customized Organization Solutions

Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, your home gym is probably a relatively confined space. Getting the most out of the available square footage is key if you want to supercharge your workouts. Wood or metal racks that are designed to keep your lifting weights in good order will cut down on noticeable clutter. A good storage bench that can serve as a place to stow yoga mats while giving users a spot to take a breather is another great idea.

The Right Lighting

Both natural and artificial lighting can do so much for a home gym if you know how to deploy each properly. Skylights outfitted with blinds are a great way to allow natural light into a gym in the right scenario. Soft track lighting is another fantastic way to brighten things up.

A Few Well-Placed Mirrors

It’s hard to take a serious approach to workouts if you don’t have the right reflective surfaces to check your form while you’re sweating things out. A good-sized mirror on one wall should suffice for the typical home gym owner. If you don’t want to commit to a big sheet of glass, a few smaller mirrors on all four walls will work.

Just One Personal Touch

The best thing about a home gym is that it allows you to work out in perfect comfort away from the prying eyes of fellow fitness fanatics. Putting your own personal stamp on a workout space is as easy as throwing up a few details on the walls that nobody else would think of. A hanging basket overflowing with your favorite plant or a simple candle array is enough to personalize your gym.

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