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Why Use Professional Residential Painters in VA When You Can Do It Yourself?

As the holidays roll near and your guest list of visiting friends and family grows longer, those drab walls might seem like they could use a fresh coat of paint. With all that time off from work, you might think, why not take on the interior painting job yourself? It might be fun spending a few hours painting the walls, maybe doing a bit with some help from the spouse and kids. Only too late and too far into the project do many homeowners realize it is much more work and stress than thought it would be.

Make sure your relaxing holidays are as recuperative as they should be by leaving your project to professional interior painters. Hiring the right pros can even save you money over doing it yourself! Here are a few considerations you might not have thought of when that do-it-yourself spirit first grabbed you.

Professionals do it right, the first time

No matter how simple a task might seem on the surface, there’s always a host of tricks, problems, and unanticipated hangups that will plague it from start to finish. When you hire a pro, you’re dealing with someone who has seen and dealt with these snafus dozens or hundreds of times. Maneuvering the ladder up a tricky staircase, properly taping off complicated molding, and knowing just how to avoid paint blistering and flaking are just a few of the bits of expertise you’re really paying for when you recruit a professional.

Interior painters in Blacksburg VA already know all these techniques and troubleshooting methods, avoiding most problems before they become one and fixing those that do pop up quickly. A properly licensed and trained team of professionals like those at Parmer & Sons Painting will quickly and efficiently work to make your home renovation dreams come true while protecting your property, and they’ll get it all done before the first holiday guest come to your home, warmly knocking at your door.

Professionals save you time

During the course of your do-it-yourself interior painting project, you’ll likely spend hours looking up video tutorials, figuring out why this paint is foaming up when you apply it, and learning how to stop the old paint color from bleeding into the new one – and that’s before accounting for the hours you spend with an actual paint roller in your hand. No job is as simple as it seems, and figuring out the complexities takes time.

Let’s assume you do all your research and come fully prepared to do the job right the first time. It’s still going to be a lot of work for a one- or two-person team. As your weekend project bleeds into lost evenings and most of yet another Saturday, will you regret starting the whole mess? Is the money you save worth that week-plus of your kitchen looking like a disaster area? If you decide to get takeout for dinner one or two more extra times as you’re exhausted from painting, how much money are you really saving at that point?

You work a lot of long, hard hours as is. When you add up the dozens of hours you’ll spend on an interior painting project, try comparing it to your average hourly pay at your day job. You’ll likely find that you’re giving up huge chunks of your valuable free time to save only a few dollars per labor hour that you’ll be in the weeds covered in paint. If you get to the point of taking time off work to finish the job, the math becomes even more skewed against handling it yourself.

Contracting a professional like Parmer & Sons Painting of Blacksburg VA will let you get the interior walls you’re picturing in your idyllic holiday scene without all the time and hassle. You don’t even have to handle the planning yourself: our interior design professionals are happy to consult with you on the perfect color scheme to please your mind’s eye. We’ll also work hard to match your schedule, so we’ll be there to do the work when it works best for you. Just fill out the form to get in touch with us and receive your free estimate. For projects as big as interior painting, doing it yourself is more work than it’s worth. Let us do it for you!

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