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Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Quotes So Different Between Blacksburg VA Contractors?

Are you dizzy from trying to make sense of quotes for cabinet painting in Blacksburg VA? You’re not alone. It’s common for homeowners to feel bewildered by inconsistent quotes from cabinet painters. Why are quotes for getting your cabinets painted so different for each contractor? The simple answer is that it all comes down to quality. Bargain painting quotes won’t leave you with cabinets you can enjoy for years to come.

Big promises and low costs often lead to massive disappointments when you trust residential painting contractors who make their money by undercutting legitimate, reputable interior painting companies. Luckily, this article will tell you all about the red flags that will help you avoid a painting quote that’s “too good to be true.” Here’s the truth about cheap cabinet painters.

Should I Go With the Lowest Quote From a Painting Contractor?

There’s no hard rule that says you’re being scammed just because a painting quote seems low. However, it’s important to know that quality of materials and experience level are the two main factors that are reflected in a price quote. The best painter isn’t necessarily the priciest painter. It’s true that some middling painting companies charge inflated rates simply because they can. It’s also true that a contractor offering a low price isn’t necessarily pulling a fast one on you. However, a quote that is much lower than average is often a red flag. Next, learn what an ultra-low quote for cabinet painting really means.

Why Are Quotes From Denver Cabinet Painters So Different?

Here at Parmer & Sons Painting, we’re proud to offer full-service cabinet painting in Blacksburg VA that’s backed by an impeccable reputation for quality. We use expansive color tools to help clients get exactly what they want. Our team also offers free quotes and color consultations. Unfortunately, not every painting contractor operates this way.

Opportunistic contractors use low prices to lure in homeowners who are unaware of the dangers of working with unqualified professionals. The truth is that good work takes time and talent. That’s why reputable contractors utilize skilled crews to get jobs done. Bad contractors who are simply looking to cash in will often do fast, shoddy work that isn’t backed by any kind of guarantee. By cutting corners on labor and materials, these contractors are able to undercut competitor quotes.

Signs That You’re Dealing With Dishonest Cabinet Painters

A suspiciously low quote is the first red flag. However, there are actually many telltale signs that you may be headed toward a renovation disaster. Here’s a look at the “hall of fame” of red flags for painting contractors:

  • They ask for a high deposit before work even begins.
  • They ask you to purchase paints and materials on your own.
  • They do not itemize costs on your quote.
  • They give you a verbal quote instead of a written one.
  • They aren’t able to show you a portfolio of work.
  • They are fuzzy on start dates and completion dates.
  • They cannot produce proof of business insurance, licenses, or workers’ compensation.

An honest painting company provides clear, crisp documentation that sets up expectations. This starts with an itemized quote that lets you know exactly what you’re paying for! You should be free to ask for clarification regarding any items you see. Additionally, a reputable company is always licensed and insured. Next, let’s break down the big cost factors that go into a quote for cabinet painting.

Labor Costs for Cabinet Painting

It’s important to remember that you should never be paying for “just labor” when working with a reputable painting company. You’re also paying for the expertise that goes along with that labor. This is one of the biggest contrasts between bad contractors and reputable contractors.

Reputable painting contractors have a roster of skilled, vetted painting professionals on the team. Bad contractors will often utilize untrained and unvetted workers. In some cases, your home may be the first one a worker ever works on. Hiring practices among bad contractors are often exploitative and unethical. What’s more, homeowners could be held responsible if uninsured workers are injured while working on their homes.

Another tactic that bad contractors use is to try to do all the work alone to save on labor costs. While a reputable company might send in two or three highly skilled professionals to work diligently on your project for a few days, a bad contractor will sloppily rush through the project on their own before jumping to the next client. Some contractors have been known to cut corners by skipping sanding, keeping cabinets in place instead of removing them, or failing to use suitable primers and finishes. When you choose us for cabinet painting, our proven process for creating beautiful, long-lasting cabinet finishes includes:

  • Preparing the space to create a neat, productive workflow.
  • Removing and labeling all doors, drawers, and hardware.
  • Sanding using a dust-free Festool vacuum sander.
  • Priming all painted surfaces with Sherwin Williams Pro-Block primer.
  • Applying wood grain filler to create a uniform finished product.
  • Using High-Quality Paint Like Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane for an impeccable finish.
  • Putting everything back together.

Unfortunately, contractors offering cabinet painting at discount rates are skipping many of these steps. How can you know if the right protocols will be followed? Contractors should illustrate labor costs by calculating the number of hours required in relation to the number of workers needed to get the job done.

Supply Costs for Cabinet Painting

Always talk about paint and supply brands during the first conversation with a contractor! Dishonest contractors will often use cheap, low-quality products to keep prices low. Unlike premium products that are designed to stand up to wear and tear, low-quality paints and finishes may begin to chip, peel, scuff, and fade after a short amount of time. Some contractors will use paint that’s not intended for cabinets just to be able to get the job done quickly and cheaply.

Why is it a bad thing if a contractor asks you to supply your own paint and supplies? A few different things could be happening. First, this can be a sign that a contractor doesn’t have reserve money for supplies because they aren’t running a legitimate business. The contractor may also have such low dedication to your project that they don’t want to take the time to make sure that products are being sourced correctly.

While supplying your own paint may create the appearance of a lower quote, the truth is that most customers will end up paying more in the long run. Established contractors have direct pipelines to vendors and retailers that allow them to enjoy bulk contractor rates. These savings get passed down to you. When you purchase your own supplies, you’ll pay full retail price instead. Your project just became two to three times more expensive!

Some Thoughts on Warranties

Should cabinet painters offer warranties? Absolutely! Experienced painting contractors are happy to offer warranties because they have confidence in their work. They also have a strong interest in preserving the high ratings and positive reputation they’ve earned over the years. Bad contractors don’t offer warranties because they are aware of the fact that their work doesn’t stand the test of time.

Ask about warranty policies before accepting a quote! All warranties should be provided to you in writing. In addition, it’s important to ask to see samples, read reviews, and request referrals before signing anything.

Work With Highly Rated Cabinet Painters in Blacksburg VA Parmer & Sons Painting has earned a reputation for being a trustworthy, reputable painting company in Denver. We’re excited to show you our stunning portfolio of crisp, beautiful cabinets that have left our clients ecstatic about their updated kitchens and bathrooms! As color and product experts, we’re able to offer our clients free color consultations that help them to choose the right color schemes with professional guidance. Don’t look any further for the best residential painting contractors! Book your free estimate for getting your cabinets painted today!

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