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When Is Exterior House Painting Season Over in Virginia?

We’re coming close to the fall season, and you are thinking about having exterior painters come to your house. Now is an excellent time to ask the question above because we are in the middle of the summer season. The most important day to be aware of is the last day that you could have exterior painting done, and we can figure this out very quickly by examining the weather in Blacksburg VA.

When Does the Exterior Season End?

The obvious answer to this question is, “When it is too cold for exterior painters to be outside painting.” In addition to that, we must guard against allowing paint to freeze and then thaw out and then freeze and then thaw out again. Exterior painters know, you cannot allow this to happen because the paint would no longer be stable after this occurs. That’s because, after the paint freezes, the paint’s elements begin to change. If painters were to try and paint your house with paint that has frozen, it would be more difficult for them to apply the paint to your house. Paint that has been frozen cannot cover the walls well enough, so there would be uneven spots throughout the house.

In addition to that, paint needs to become completely dry, and this is known as “curing.” When the temperature of the house is too cold, the paint will not cure, and this causes it to fail. Therefore, if the temperature is lower than 35 degrees, residential painting contractors in Blacksburg VA will refuse to do a painting job.

The temperature of your surfaces is not the only issue. You also have to concern yourself with the temperature of the air. Even though your air’s temperature may be in the 40s, your surfaces’ temperature could be in the 30s.

Exterior painters cannot determine the exact day that the temperature will be above 35 degrees, so the end of the house painting season will be different each year. If the current trend continues, the winter season will be warmer this year as it has been in previous years, so we will be free to paint for a longer period of time. Southern states tend to experience a warmer winter season that lasts until December.

Is There Paint that Can Be Used During the Colder Months?

There is a brand of paint that can be used during the winter months. You might expect this paint to be more expensive than the others, but it isn’t! One example is “Resilience” by Sherwin Williams, which was created to apply well in the colder months. This paint is a “protective” type of paint, so it prevents mold and mildew from growing because it resists moisture. You must keep in mind that this particular paint isn’t as durable as other paints. You may want your paint job to last for several years or even decades, and if this is the case, you must have your house painted before the winter weather arrives.

Parmer & Sons Painting in Blacksburg VA has to consider the weather as well as our backlog of houses that we are set to paint before we can make an appointment to paint your home during the warmer season. We will only make an appointment to paint your home if the weather is cooperating with us. If not, we will wait until the weather warms up again so that we can do the best job possible. If you are ready to have your house painted, contact us at Parmer & Sons Painting in Blacksburg VA to discuss color schemes and to schedule an appointment.

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