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What You Need To Know About Primers Being Used in Blacksburg VA

Why You Should Consider Using Primer Before Applying Paint to Your Walls

Are you considering a paint job for your home in Blacksburg, VA? Whether you’re looking to freshen up the walls in a single room or entire house, you should always consider using primer before applying paint. Here’s what you need to know about primers and why they are essential to the painting process.

What is Primer?

Primer is a paint-like substance that is applied before the actual paint. It acts as a base layer, allowing the paint to adhere better to the walls and providing a longer-lasting paint job. Primer is also designed to help block stains and odors, as well as seal porous surfaces.

Why You Might Need a Primer

When it comes to painting jobs, interior painters and residential painting contractors often recommend primers. There are several reasons why you should consider using a primer before applying paint. Primers are especially important if your walls are in bad shape, such as if they have been exposed to water damage or the paint is cracking and peeling. Primers can also help if the walls have knots, sap runs, or have been previously painted with a glossy paint.

Primers can also help if you’re trying to cover up a darker color. Without a primer, you may need to apply multiple coats of paint to fully cover the darker color. In this case, a primer can help to reduce the number of coats needed.

When Priming Isn’t Necessary

In some cases, primers are not necessary. If the walls are in good shape and were previously painted with a flat paint, you may not need to use a primer. However, it is always best to consult with a professional from a company like Parmer & Sons in Blacksburg VA to get the best advice. The professionals at Parmer & Painting have years of experience in home remodeling and are highly knowledgeable in the best techniques and products to use for the job. If the walls are in good condition, the professionals at Parmer & Sons can help you determine whether or not a primer is necessary for the painting process.

Don’t Trust Paint and Primer Combos

When shopping for paint, you may come across paint and primer combinations. While these may seem like a good idea, they are not as reliable as separate primers and paints. The combination products may not provide the same coverage and protection as separate products, which can lead to a shorter lasting paint job.

For the best results, it is always best to use separate primers and paints. Interior painters and residential painting contractors in Blacksburg, VA will often recommend that you use separate primers and paints, as this is the best way to ensure a quality finish.

Trust the Professionals at Parmer & Sons Painting

If you’re looking for a quality paint job in Blacksburg VA, then you should trust the professionals at Parmer & Sons. With years of experience in home remodeling and a proven track record of excellent customer service, Parmer & Sons Painting turns your home renovation ideas and dreams into a reality.

They are fully licensed and insured and their friendly team of professional tradesmen will get the job done on time and on budget. They can advise you on the best primers and paints to use, as well as the best techniques for getting a perfect finish.

For a quality paint job, trust the professionals at Parmer & Painting in Blacksburg, VA. Contact them today to get started on your home renovation project!

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