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Top 4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holiday Season

As the year comes to a close, your holiday schedule is probably filling fast. Maybe it’s eggnog and presents with close friends, or maybe you’re hosting the extended family for Thanksgiving. Whatever your plans, it’s time to get your house ready to host everyone.

We all think about decorations as our go-to holiday changes around the house, but some new paint can do just as much to create a festive spirit while also providing a facelift for your home to last far beyond the last party.

Before you pick up a brush, review these ideas about how to get the best outcome for the best project. Our professional interior painters in Blacksburg VA are always available to help you plan your project. Here are their best suggestions from years of experience as a painting contractor.

1. Create an Accent Wall

How would you like to get 100% of the impact with 25% of the cost and work? Painting just one of the four walls in a room can do that. By creating a contrast with the walls on each side, you’ll get a two-tone effect in one room. You’ll also have to move less furniture, do less work, and buy less paint!

Putting a different color on a single wall can create a focal point for the decorations on it and in front of it. With the right color, it will still look great after everything is boxed up for the year. Go with a color that stands between your existing paint and the decorations you’ll use so that it won’t look out of place later. Deep greens, reds, and other earth tones can strike that perfect balance, giving you something striking all year long.

2. Rejuvenate Your Cabinets with Fresh Paint

If your walls have recently been repainted, or if you just don’t want to bite off a big project this time of year, a great option is to repaint your cabinets. The effects of years of cooking and cleaning will really show themselves on those expose surfaces, making some new paint a great option to give the kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank.

Think about the colors you have now, then consider the direction you might take your kitchen later. Make the job easy by removing doors and drawer fronts and painting them in the garage or basement. Once everything has dried and been reassembled, you’ll have the feeling of a new kitchen, ready for lots of holiday cooking.

3. Fight Winter’s Chill with Warm Colors

Winter in Blacksburg VA is a roll of the dice. One year it’s mild, the next we’re covered in snow. When those rough years hit, you’ll do whatever you can to stay warm, and paint colors have a surprising effect on the warm feel in a home.

We usually feel the coolest in living rooms as we relax and in bedrooms as we call it a day. Warm shades in those rooms will help you think “summer” instead of “snowstorm”! Shades of red and gold are great choices for this situation, and both of those color families still sync up nicely with holiday decor.

4. Keep in Line with Your Decor

The worst thing you can do when repainting is to choose a color that will immediately create conflict. With so many bold, colorful decorations to put out this time of year, it’s vital to take their shades into consideration as you plan on painting a room.

If you have a chosen color scheme for Christmas trees or wreaths, get a sample of it and match it at the paint store so that your paint creates harmony instead of conflict. Make this match just as high a priority as with the carpet and drapes.

Just Have Fun!

With a long shopping list, a busy social schedule, and classic movies on TV, you just might not feel like you’ve got time to paint. Our interior painters can free up your more time and energy for what the holidays are really all about.

Parmer & Sons Painting is glad to work with you to build a schedule you can live with. We see our job as a painting contractor as not just painting but advising our clients on every detail of the project. We know you’ve got a lot going on through the holidays, so let us take care of your holiday painting project. Call us today!

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