The Best Colors for a Kids Playroom

Creating a playroom for your kids benefits the adults in your family, too. Your children get their own space where they can exercise their bodies and their imaginations. You get to reclaim the rest of the house for other uses.

As a bonus, you can access your inner child while decorating the playroom. You can be as whimsical as you wish while choosing your paint and your theme. When you’re ready to begin, call a professional to do the job right. Now, let’s explore some fun playroom color ideas!

Color Ideas

Choosing the right paint color for interior painting is an important first step in creating the perfect playroom. While brainstorming color ideas for a playroom, begin with one color you and your children love and build from that. As you’re choosing colors, think about how they make you feel A playroom should be a happy, light-hearted space.


Yellow is a light and cheery color, perfect for a kid’s playroom. Consider choosing a rich yellow with gold undertones to add brightness and depth to the room. As a bonus, this color pairs well with many other colors and adds a ray of sunshine to any space.


Pink is a classic for playrooms and adds a subtle warmth to the walls. And remember, you can use pink regardless of your children’s gender. Pink is not just for girls anymore. It’s a warm, comforting shade. Try using a gentle blush pink to soften things up and make the room feel cozy and comforting.


Teal can add a pop of color to your playroom design. Applying an intense teal adds contrast to the room, making it feel chic, welcoming, and sophisticated. A deep green–based teal works with many other colors to create a unique color scheme.


Navy blue never goes out of style, and it goes well with many other colors, simplifying your decorating task. Navy continues to work as a color scheme once your children have outgrown the playroom, making it easy to repurpose the space into an office or den.


Lavender has a calming effect, making it an excellent choice for a playroom designed with younger children in mind. Soft or pale lavender adds whimsy and subtle magic to the space.


Green is often used in playrooms because it’s perfect for all ages and genders and complements many other colors. It is a fun and practical color that can make the room feel like a jungle adventure or an example of current trends. It’s sure to look fantastic and make a strong style statement.

If you’re still unsure what colors will be right, Parmer & Sons Painting are happy to offer a professional consultation. Once you’ve chosen a color, you’ll also need to select the kind of paint finish that can withstand a high–touch area like a playroom.

Parmer and Sons has skilled interior painters in Blacksburg VA that can expertly apply a variety of colors. They are fully licensed and insured and will get the job done on time and on budget.

Playroom Themes

Make your playroom feel extra special by incorporating a theme! Kids love a room that ignites their imaginations, and a beautifully themed playroom will get their creative gears turning. Use one of the colors from above and incorporate it into your theme. Here are a few charming playroom theme ideas:

  • Zoo
  • Tropical
  • Favorite Superhero
  • Nautical
  • Jungle

Final Tips

Here are a few more tips that can help you on your playroom painting journey.

Don’t forget about the organization. Designate spaces for your children’s toys. Consider using containers with colors that fit within your theme to add color and functionality.

Choose calming colors over energetic ones. Picking toned–down colors instead of highly pigmented and bright ones will help make the space calm and comfortable.

Use the 60/30/10 design rule. For painting, this rule means having 60 percent of the color in the room dedicated to the primary color, 30 percent to a secondary color, and 10 percent to an accent color. Using this rule will make your space feel well–designed due to the color balance.

Utilize neutral colors. Neutrals like beige, natural brown, white, and gray will even out the pinks, yellow, or greens you’ve picked, making the look flow seamlessly.

Parmer & Sons for Your Painting Needs The best interior painting tip is to call on the professionals. Using interior painters like the ones from Parmer & Sons Painting of Blacksburg VA is a great way to ensure your playroom is painted expertly at a great price and on time. Call Parmer & Sons Painting today for a free estimate on your playroom painting project.

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