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The Best and Probably The Worst Colors For Blacksburg Bedrooms

Selecting the perfect colors for your bedroom doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Our team of highly trained professionals can help you make informed decisions that will create an elegant interior design and impress any potential buyer. The end goal should bring feelings of relaxation, coziness, and visual enjoyment – something that always looks pleasing. With our thorough guidance throughout the process, picking out hues has never been more straightforward or rewarding.

The Secret to Choosing Colors for Bedrooms

Think about it Carefully

Take the time to consider all of your options before deciding which colors to use. If you want a classic, timeless look, go for neutral shades. Pick brighter hues if you want something bold and vibrant that will stand out. Most interior painters in Blacksburg VA, always recommend going for a combination of both light and dark tones.

The Best Colors For Bedrooms


You can’t go wrong with blue for a calming and soothing atmosphere. Whether you opt for light shades like powder blue or darker tones like navy, this hue will always offer any bedroom an inviting and tranquil feel.


White has an extraordinary power; it elicits an unparalleled atmosphere of peace and serenity, which explains why people tend to utilize this soothing hue in bedrooms or anywhere else. By merely introducing white into any space, you can immediately create a feeling of tranquility.


To create a soothing atmosphere, choose light shades of green like a sage; brighter tints could potentially be too energizing for the room. Green has the power to bring about tranquility; however, each hue will have its distinct effect.


Beige is ideal for bedrooms because it’s warm but not too bright; it also harmonizes with other colors easily. It helps to create an inviting environment that allows one to relax and feel comfortable.

The Worst Colors For Bedrooms


One of the worst colors for bedrooms is red because it can be overwhelming and even agitating. Red is a powerful hue that can be pretty energizing if misused. Avoid this color unless you’re going for an intense, stimulating atmosphere.


If overdone, orange can be too bright and visually jarring. It’s an excellent hue for adding pops of color, but too much of it can be overwhelming and create an unpleasant atmosphere in the bedroom.


Purple is another hue that should be used sparingly because it has the potential to look garish if used too much. A few splashes here and there can be great but avoid using too much of this color unless you want to create a whimsical atmosphere.

Ultimately, selecting colors for a Blacksburg Bedroom may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper guidance and resources from Parmer & Sons Painting, you can create a space that reflects your personality and style. By collaborating with us, you can trust that your bedroom design is in good hands. Our skillful interior painters and color experts have years of experience creating beautiful interiors with their careful selection of colors. To get started on your bedroom overhaul, contact us today and let us help you pick the perfect palette for your space. Let us guide you in creating an inviting atmosphere in Blacksburg bedrooms – it’s never been more straightforward or rewarding.

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