How Hot Weather Impacts Exterior Painting

How Hot Weather Impacts Virginia Exterior Painting

Are you eager to see a beautiful change to the exterior of your Blacksburg VA Home? The summer season seemingly brings ideal weather conditions for an exterior painting project. However, heat and humidity can actually be detrimental to outdoor paint. At Parmer & Sons Painting, we always focus on producing lovely results that meet our customers’ expectations. Before you search for painters near me for your upcoming exterior home painting services, there are a few things you should know about outdoor summer painting projects.

How Weather Impacts the Paint Curing Process

Heat and sunshine during the summer months can cause paint to dry quickly. You may think that this would be advantageous, but it actually has significant drawbacks. Heat can cause the solvents in paint to evaporate rapidly, and this can create a dry-to-the-touch feeling. However, this does not mean that the paint has cured properly. In fact, regardless of how fast paint dries, it generally needs roughly two weeks to cure. Until the paint has cured, its durability and strength are in question. This means that its aesthetics and integrity may be at stake from common forces like rain and other elements.

Even heat can impact the results of exterior home painting services. Because excess heat can cause paint to dry more rapidly, it could lead to damage. In fact, extreme heat may cause the paint to become discolored. It could also produce bumps, blisters or cracks in the paint. Moderate temperatures are more suitable for outdoor painting projects.

The Right Temperature for Painting Blacksburg VA Homes

For many types of exterior painting projects, the paint should be applied when the outdoor temperature falls somewhere between 60 and 90 degrees. The recommended temperature for latex paint is somewhat different. For these paints, choose a day when the temp is between 50 and 85 degrees. It is important to understand that the temperature of the surfaces being painted is just as important as air temperature. When sunlight directly strikes the side of the home, that surface could be up to 20 degrees higher than the outdoor air temperature. Both the air and the surface temp should be within the desired range for the best results from exterior home painting services. As you look for painters near me to work on your home, be aware that not all painters will pay attention to temperatures when scheduling projects.

Painting Your Home’s Exterior in the Summer

Because of the extreme difference in surface temperatures between the sun-exposed side of the home and the shady sides of the home, it may be necessary to choose the best hours of the day to paint the surfaces. For example, even if the outdoor temperature is 80 degrees, the surface of the sunny side of the house may be too warm to paint properly. With this in mind, it may be necessary to paint the sides that are exposed to intense sunlight during the morning hours before daytime heating is in full force. At Parmer & Sons Painting, we always schedule exterior painting projects for both days and times that are strategically suitable for the work to be done.

How Humidity Affects Exterior Home Painting Services

In Blacksburg VA, high humidity is common throughout the summer season. Moisture can be absorbed by exposed, porous wood surfaces. It can also lightly glaze other surfaces that may need to be painted. The result can be a higher water-to-solvent paint ratio than is suitable for the best results. The paint may be thinner and may require more time to dry and cure as a result. In some cases, humidity can cause paint to peel or bubble. With this in mind, humidity must be taken into account when scheduling exterior home painting services.

Our Approach to Your Exterior Painting Project

When you engage our expert tradesmen for your exterior painting project, we will carefully review the forecast before we lock in a date and time for the work to be done. Our painters will pay attention to both temperature and humidity to ensure the best results. Once the work begins, our exterior painting team will work diligently to complete the project as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the most ideal time of the year to paint your home’s exterior is in the spring when temperatures are mild and humidity is in check. However, we are happy to work with you for the completion of your exterior painting project throughout the summer as well when weather permits.

Learn More About Our Exterior Home Painting Services At Parmer & Sons Painting, we strive to produce beautiful results that our customers are proud of. The first step in the process is to request a consultation with our painters near me. By doing so, we can discuss scheduling and color selection. We will also deliver an estimate for your exterior painting project that reflects our competitive rates. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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