Chalkboard Paint for Rooms

Have You Considered Chalkboard Paint for a Children’s Room?

Imagine if, when you were a child, and you took chalk to draw all over a wall in your home. You would probably be in serious trouble! But times have changed. Today, interior painters can provide you with options like a chalkboard paint wall. Then your children can doodle with chalk on the wall whenever they’d like.

Cleaning up after their done is easy. Better yet, writing and drawing can actually stimulate their young imaginations. What’s more, when not in use, your chalkboard paint wall could be an attractive part of your interior decor.

Perhaps you’ve haven’t heard of chalkboard paint. In that case, let’s delve into what it could do for your family and your home in Blacksburg VA.

The Benefits of Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint, not unlike other interior paints, comes in a wide variety of stylish colors. Once it’s applied to a wall or an object, you can write or draw on that surface with chalk.

It’s simple to erase the chalk marks afterwards; the chalk will come off cleanly and completely. Washing a chalkboard paint wall is just as fast and simple by using a damp rag.

Smooth surfaces are best for this type of paint, since a surface with bumps or other texturing will distort the chalk lines.

Chalk is a fun, hands-on, appealingly old-school tool for producing art. And it’s surprisingly resourceful. Kids can use it to create small drawings or large murals. Younger children can also practice the alphabet and basic arithmetic using it.

Additionally, when your kids get older and stop using their chalk, you’ll still have an interesting wall to admire.

Boundless Options

Whether it’s a simple sketch or an intricate work of art, when your child completes it, you can take a photo and save it forever. You can organize your children’s’ artwork into digital albums and print some of them out, too. You might hang those printouts in your home or even send them to friends and family.

It can be liberating for kids to draw anything they feel like on a wall. It allows them take an idea and suddenly translate it into reality, and the end product can be colorful and larger than life. For sure, one such drawing can lead to ideas for more.

You can also coat a piece of furniture in your child’s bedroom with chalkboard paint as well. Likewise, a set of blank wooden blocks could be ideal for chalkboard paint. Your children could write letters on the blocks and then form words with them. They could also draw festive pictures on them, thus making their own holiday decorations.

A chalkboard paint wall can also make a great gathering space for the family. It can give you opportunities to chat, laugh, learn, unwind, and get away from phone and TV screens for a while.

Collectively, you and your loved ones could make a list of places you want to visit. You could draw maps of places you’ve already been to. You may even want to draw images of your favorite memories and tell stories about them. Pictionary-style games become so much more exciting! You could even attempt to make portraits of each other!

The Right Interior Painters for the Job

If you’re interested in chalkboard paint and you’re looking for a painting contractor, we at Parmer & Sons Painting can help. We could help you on any part of the project you’d like, including color choices and deciding which wall to paint.

We’ve been in business for years, and have an vast record of excellent customer service. Our company is family-owned and family-run, as well as fully insured and licensed. When you work with us, you get a free and accurate estimate, a warranty, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Most important, we’re completely reliable. Each of our employees has been thoroughly vetted. Plus, our team is courteous and considerate, and we always conduct ourselves with true professionalism.

What’s more, working with Parmer & Sons Painting is affordable, efficient, and ecologically friendly. Plus, we’re experts on different types of paint, and we can match the right paint to the right setting. After all, not every paint holds up well within every environment or on every substrate. Whenever we complete a project, the results are beautiful to behold.

For more information about types of paint, colors, scheduling, or anything else on your mind, please get in touch with us whenever you would like. We would be happy to hear from you. And we would be happy to set you up with a chalkboard paint wall that’ll bring you many hours of family fun.

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