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Great Tips for Painting Your Virginia Property During the Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, many homeowners update the interior and exterior of their homes and other property areas with fresh coats of paint or an entirely new color scheme. Whether you want your property to feel welcoming to visitors or merely look as clean or festive as possible, a paint project isn’t as simple as pulling out buckets of paint and brushes and rollers on a sunny day.

Many factors impact the outcome of a paint job, including the type of structure and the surface material and texture. Indoor and outdoor painting projects also require different types of planning. Instead of wasting your valuable time attempting a do-it-yourself remodel that might require a professional do-over, it’s time to consider arranging for a team of professionals to paint your home for you. Experienced exterior and interior painters can help you select the best fresh paint or new colors for your project and complete painting and cleanup quickly and efficiently.

At Parmer & Sons Painting, the professional interior painters in Blacksburg VA, know that the right paint types and colors can make all the difference any time of the year, especially during the holidays. This guide covers the top tips to consider before painting your Virginia property for yourself, your guests and improved curb appeal and property value:

Assess the Overall State of Your Property

Before starting any painting job, you must check that every structure and object you want to paint is in its best possible shape and not in a state of disrepair or deterioration. Fall is the time to contact professionals to fix every part of your property before the holidays begin, including roof damage, cracks, holes or water damage in ceilings and walls, foundations and wooden materials, window and door problems, missing bricks or other materials and pieces in outdoor walls, statuary and even sidewalks. After a paint project, you don’t want repair work to ruin it. Fix these areas before deciding to refresh your home’s existing colors or pick some new ones.

Make a List of Areas to Paint

Since the kitchen becomes a hub of activity during the holidays, many homeowners paint the cabinets and walls this time of year. If you want to make your home warm or festive, use multiple complementary colors in tones that match the season. For example, you might stain the cabinets a warm fruitwood or yellow poplar color and then select a non-holiday solid or fall holiday (i.e., green, orange, red or yellow) paint color for the walls that helps the cabinets stand out positively.

Other interior painting areas of the home that usually require a fresh coat of paint or one or more new colors during the holidays include:

– Bathrooms

– Bedrooms

– Hallways

– Living Room 

– Dining Room

As with the kitchen, you should consider making these high-traffic areas as inviting, comfortable and warm as possible via your paint selections.

Think About Adding Multiple Accents 

Accent painting is one of the most common exterior and interior painting methods professional designers and painters use to create a festive feeling inside a home. Accents help specific areas stand out or make an overall color scheme come together. They can even function as a backdrop for holiday decorations and family photos. One of the most popular methods for making a room look festive during the holidays is with a related accent wall that complements the other walls in the room and creates a warm feeling. Outside the home, window frames, shutters and doors often serve as accent features coated with paint that complements or contrasts with solid-color siding.

Remember to Take Decorations Into Account

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a new color scheme for your home or merely refreshing the old paint and adding some accents. The paint colors you select must complement the decorations you plan to use for each holiday. If you use a particular color without your decorations in mind, you can cause a room or the home’s exterior to have clashing, non-complimentary colors. Neutral colors often work best when considering a color palette and multi-colored decorations. That said, you should always think about how decorations might look against the colors you select for your home, especially the walls, doors, frames and siding.

Take Advantage of Holiday Competitive Offers

Although professional interior painters in Blacksburg VA have more than enough business this time of year, they typically offer holiday painting deals and packages in light of the giving aspect of the holiday season. Always check with local professionals to learn more about their offerings and then compare their experience and deals. If an offer sounds too good, you’re likely not dealing with someone offering real value. Always research to confirm that the company you want to hire has a positive local reputation.

Selecting the Best Professional Painter

At Parmer & Sons Painting, our team of professional licensed and insured tradesmen wants our neighbors in Blacksburg VA, to have the best holiday season possible. We know that the quality of the final look of a home after a painting project depends heavily on the knowledge and skills of the exterior and interior painters and their passion for the work. We have a proven track record of helping homeowners make their renovation dreams real through excellent customer service, fast and professional actions, and dedication to an on-time and on-budget mission. We hope this guide can act as the first step in making your holiday dreams for your home’s paint renovation a reality. For more information or a consultation about colors or our schedule, call us at (540) 320-7901.

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