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5 Ideas to Make an Interesting Statement When Painting Your Blacksburg VA Ceilings

Are you searching for a brilliant way to make a statement through your home décor? If your home is like many others in the Blacksburg VA area, your home’s ceilings may be a plain shade of white or beige. While it is common to ignore this space from a decorating perspective, the ceiling presents you with an incredible opportunity to add an interesting touch to your rooms. In fact, you can look at your ceiling as a blank canvas. Decorating possibilities span from adding color to texturizing and incorporating a pattern into the space.

Scheduling service with a reputable painting contractor for your ceiling project is important. After all, you want to enjoy lovely results without the fatigue associated with a difficult do-it-yourself project. At Parmer & Sons Painting, our residential painters can create the look that you are interested in, and we can protect your home and its contents from damage in the process. What are some of the exciting design possibilities available for your ceilings?

Beautify the Trim

You can add personality to the ceiling without committing to a specific color across the entire length of the ceiling. Your ceiling may be outlined by crown molding and may have several plates for light fixtures, vents and more. Often, these features are colored white to blend into the ceiling, but you can create a beautiful effect by painting them a different color. For example, you can use the same shade of paint that is on the walls, or you can draw an accent color upward from other aspects of your room’s décor. Whether you keep the ceiling beige or not, adding a tint to the trim and accents is a lovely way to add character.

Brighten the Ceiling

A beige ceiling can make a room’s décor feel unfinished. You can make a major statement in your rooms and add character beautifully by brightening the ceiling with your choice of colors. In some cases, using the same hue on the walls and ceilings works well if the crown molding is a contrasting hue. Otherwise, going up or down a few shades can create an interesting effect. Another idea is to step away from the primary color palette and to choose a contrasting shade that may be used as an accent in the room right now. A color consultation with our interior painters at Parmer & Sons Painting is offered to all of our customers, and it can take the stress out of this important aspect of your project.

Hide Signs of Aging

White or beige paint is not very forgiving, and this is especially true if the paint finish has even a light sheen. In many of the decades-old homes in Blacksburg VA, ceilings show their age. They often have blemishes like missing texture and small cracks. Using a darker paint color with a flat finish can do wonders for camouflaging these lightly damaged areas. Decorative finishes with glitter, two-tone swirls and texturing can also conceal damage to the ceiling.

Install Textured Beadboard

Regardless of the paint shade that you select, your painting contractor can install textured beadboard for an interesting effect. The long striations on beadboard have a clean look that is easy on the eyes. This material is often installed in farmhouses, but it also has a place in modern décor, traditional décor and more. An alternative is to use exterior siding on the ceiling for a somewhat different texture.

Add a Pattern

If a linear texture is not ideal for your space, take a look at some of the many styles or architectural tiles available. Your interior painters can install the tiles that you select on your ceiling before painting it. The tiles can be painted any color that you select, and this gives you great control over the finished look. Some of these tiles come with a metallic finish. Because of this, an alternative to painting the tiles is to choose tiles that are already finished in this way. Regardless of the tiles or boards that you add to your ceiling, these are smart options that can conceal signs of aging with flawless results. Parmer & Sons Painting is the painting contractor that Blacksburg VA residents have preferred for years, and this is because our interior painters consistently focus on fine details in a room and customer satisfaction for all projects that we work on. Are you eager to explore color and design possibilities for your rooms? Schedule a consultation with our interior painters today to get the ball rolling on your project.

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