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Get Motivated with a Home Gym Renovation

If you have the space for it, a home gym can greatly enhance the utility and appeal of any domicile. Whether you’re building a new gym or renovating an existing one, the choices you make when it comes to things like paint colors and lighting are of critical importance. Here are a few home painting…
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Which Painting Finish Is Right for Your Virginia Home?

When you’re planning your next home painting project in Blacksburg VA, the color of your paint is probably your first thought. However, did you know that the finish of your paint is also important? Also called a sheen, a paint finish refers to how glossy or matte the paint is. It can have a huge…
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Top 4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holiday Season

As the year comes to a close, your holiday schedule is probably filling fast. Maybe it’s eggnog and presents with close friends, or maybe you’re hosting the extended family for Thanksgiving. Whatever your plans, it’s time to get your house ready to host everyone. We all think about decorations as our go-to holiday changes around…
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What To Do With Outdated Wallpaper in Your New Home in Blacksburg VA

Whether you recently bought a house that has old wallpaper or are tired of paper you put up years ago, now is a good time to think about a new look. You may be wondering whether you should just paint over the wallpaper, remove it, remove it and then paint, apply new wallpaper or do…
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The Psychology Behind Blacksburg Paint Colors

The Psychology Behind Blacksburg Paint Colors

It’s no secret that different colors evoke different emotions. In many cases, the feelings you experience from certain colors are personal. You might feel happy when you walk into a forest green room because it’s your favorite color, or you might feel at peace in a sky blue room if that was the color of…
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5 Ideas to Make an Interesting Statement When Painting Your Blacksburg VA Ceilings

Are you searching for a brilliant way to make a statement through your home décor? If your home is like many others in the Blacksburg VA area, your home’s ceilings may be a plain shade of white or beige. While it is common to ignore this space from a decorating perspective, the ceiling presents you…
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