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Exterior Remodeling Designs and Ideas for Virginia Homes this Summer

With summer about to hit, you may be thinking about remodeling the outside of your home. Whether you intend to sell your home or you want the home to finally be in the style that reflects you, it’s best to have a professional by your side for exterior remodeling projects, and in particular for exterior painting projects.

Chances are that you’ve already been asking yourself, “Are there any reputable remodelers and painters near me?” At Parmer & Sons Painting, we can assert that we’re one of the best in Blacksburg VA, especially for exterior home painting services, and that we’re sure to meet all your demands. We boast a team of fully licensed, insured, professional tradesmen who have a keen eye for details and provide warm, friendly care every time.

Here are some great remodeling ideas for the summer; we’ll help you flesh out all the details during the first appointment.

Exterior Painting

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look practically brand-new, increasing its value in the eyes of any potential buyers and, if your plan isn’t to sell, making it a more inviting dwelling for your family and any friends who come over.

It can be depressing, after all, to live in a home with a faded or cracked exterior. But hire our carefully vetted painters at Parmer & Sons Painting, and you’ll get a durable coat (or two) of paint on the home that will protect it against the sun, moisture, and insect damage. We’ll thoroughly clean the surfaces and repairs chips and cracks for a smooth, even coating, and we know what approach to take to what material (wood, brick, metal). We back our exterior home painting services with a five-year worry-free warranty.

One thing you could consider this summer is giving the front door a color that’s brighter than the rest of the exterior. For example, some paint the door aqua blue while making the exterior beige. Red doors are a popular option; we ourselves have handled many exterior painting jobs where the customers requested these. Just let us know what your vision is! It takes five to seven days to complete an exterior painting project for the average home.

Fixing Up the Deck

During the summer, you probably want to use your deck to throw a few parties or to simply recline and relax with a cup of coffee in the morning. But what if the deck isn’t in good shape? Over time, and with enough exposure to the harsh sunlight, your deck will start to look old and be in need of restaining.

Staining, which means applying a special dye that penetrates into the structure it’s on and gives it a new color and strength, should be done on your deck every two to three years. You’ve got many shades and colors to choose from. There’s the transparent stain, for instance, that lets the natural color of your wood emerge; of course, this means that any imperfections will remain. On the other hand, you could go with solid stains that create a bold look.

An even bolder look can be achieved if you use a different color for the deck floor and rails. Separate colors for the rail and handrail could be just the thing for this summer, too.

Power Washing the Deck

Let’s say your deck doesn’t need a complete makeover. In that case, you might still want it pressure washed. The highly pressurized water will effectively remove caked-up dirt, grime, and even stains. Rest assured that our professionals know what level of pressure to use for what material.

Adding Furniture

Once the deck is looking good, add that extra touch with some wicker furniture, new light fixtures, and accessories that make it feel as cozy as if you’re indoors. This is one of the current trends that we’ve noticed, and we recommend it for anyone pondering a remodeling job this summer.

Adding or Updating a Fence

If you don’t own a fence, now is the time to get one because this will let you make the most of your porch and walkway. If you already do, chances are it needs some refurbishing. Fence painting definitely falls under our exterior home painting services; anyone in Blacksburg VA can request it. We’ll help you choose a fresh new color that doesn’t clash with the rest of your home.

Replacing the Gutters

The gutters may not receive as much notice as the siding, deck, and fence, but homeowners realize how important they are when they’re faced with a clog and the possibility of water damage to their home. Or they may suddenly realize that the gutters are disconnected or cracked. Summer is a good time to address these kinds of issues.

Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed Parmer & Sons Painting is ready to send someone out to your home in Blacksburg VA for a consultation. We can help you choose the right color for an exterior painting job and provide an accurate quote for what’s ahead. As mentioned above, fence painting, pressure washing, and deck staining are some of our other specialties. Contact us today to schedule or to ask any questions!

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